2012 Foolish Earthling Productions.
FOOLISH EARTHLING PRODUCTIONS LTD. was founded in 1995 to create uniquely-entertaining science, space and SF-based films and TV specials, mostly for folks like PBS and THE DISCOVERY CHANNEL. Initially some thirty films and specials were produced using then-newly-available digital cameras and incredibly low-budget techniques (two filmmakers - Michael Lennick and Shirley Gulliford - one minivan, two dogs, many, many roadmaps.)

FOOLISH EARTHLING PRODUCTIONS has evolved over the years to become a major producer of award-winning space and science-related film and television projects, including the Discovery Channel series ROCKET SCIENCE and the PBS special DR. TELLER'S VERY LARGE BOMB. We are currently based out of a vast (and so far as we know, abandoned) Cold-War bunker in Central Ontario, housing a great, motley crew of irregulars, animators and other talents - including brilliant associate producer/co-director and finder-of-long-lost footage (and luggage) MICHEL PLAXTON, ever-patient production associate CHRIS DARLING, co-writer, frequent  narrator and all-round great spirit JACK SENETT, production designer/space artist extraordinaire RON MILLER, incredibly fast, endearingly-patient animation supervisor UCHENNA NWAEHIE, and our latest recruit, the remarkable young Canadian composer JOHN HERBERMAN. But while the company continues to grow (with full-time  co-production facilities now being established in the United States - more on that as it develops), Michael and Shirley still spend much of their year on the road, filming. (Slightly newer minivan, extra-snarky GPS unit, same two dogs.)

Naturally we're still incredibly cheap.

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